Voice lessons in Utah County with Dr. Melissa Glenn


Taking voice lessons is an investment in your future, an investment in you.  It can give you a greater sense of self-worth and satisfaction, boost your confidence, increase your comfort level in public speaking, create a meaningful and fulfilling hobby or career path, and so much more.  

It is important to choose your voice teacher wisely.  The voice is an amazing instrument which can be easily damaged.  It's trickier to train than other instruments because it can't be seen, felt, or assessed the way a piano or guitar can.  With a doctoral degree, five years of college teaching experience, an ability to understand how the voice works and a gift to relay that understanding to each individual effectively, Dr. Glenn is one you can trust with your voice.

About Melissa

Dr. Glenn holds a doctoral degree from Arizona State University, a master’s degree from the prestigious Eastman School of Music and a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  Melissa has enjoyed soloing with the Phoenix Symphony, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, and the Eastman Orchestra.  Favorite roles performed include Luisa Fernanda in the Spanish opera Luisa Fernanda, the Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas, Mother Miriam in Agnes of God, and Anita in West Side Story.  Melissa has sung with Arizona Opera and has performed as a seasonal caroler at Disneyland with Goode Time Productions.  


"You tailored your coachings to each student and put so much time into helping us with anything and everything. I was so excited one day because something you had been saying finally clicked and I actually felt it! I've never had experiences like that with any other vocal things I have done. You were able to explain concepts in ways that I could connect to and actually work towards.  I've always felt uncomfortable with my voice because I had zero training/experience until I came here. In sessions I was still avoiding certain songs that went into my head voice or that used a wide range because I didn't think I sounded good. Yesterday I spent two hours in my sessions using repertoire that hit throughout my vocal range, something I would not have done at the beginning of the semester. I finally feel a lot more comfortable with me and my voice, and I truly honestly attribute that to you and to class. Technique-wise I feel like I've improved also, but I'm most excited about feeling comfortable in my own voice, because that's something that would have held me back as a music therapist so much. Thanks for setting me free in a way!"

- Stacey

"What a supreme pleasure it has been to work in your studio!  I always leave there having learned something myself and look forward to the next encounter.  Your students are indeed fortunate."

-Rex, pianist

"I was not looking forward to another semester of class voice, but my preconceptions that I brought to class with me were completely false. Thank you so much for your teaching style and your commitment to helping our unique voices improve in specific areas. The first time I sang in class you focused on exactly what I have noticed in my voice but have been unable to define or work on, and I felt the improvement immediately.  You are a gifted teacher and I'm thankful to be in your class!:


"You are an awesome voice teacher.  I feel truly blessed to have been your student.  The whole learning process was fun!"


"I was really terrified of singing and was very insecure at the beginning of the semester.  Now I feel I'm a little more confident (public speaking seems like a piece of cake now, lol), and it turns out I actually like singing... Who woulda thunk?"


Beginning Your Journey

For more information please email me via the "Contact" page, or call me at (480) 205-9839.  My home studio is located in Orem at Center St & I-15 by Trafalga.  I look forward to hearing from you!



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